Wedding Update

January 17, 2008


We’ll be looking at two potential wedding locations this weekend. Our preference is for an outdoor ceremony, so that’s where we are starting. First, we’ll be looking at the Abernathy Center in Oregon City. We like the photos we’ve seen. There are lots of gardens and gazebos and we would have the reception outdoors under a large tent. Second, we’ll be looking at Viewpoint Inn in Corbett. This place is really nice and upscale, and has a fabulous view. I feel pretty good about both of these places. It may be hard to choose in the long run.


I’ve been listening and re-listening to music for the past couple of weeks, trying to decide what to play at our reception. This task has not been easy, as most of what I like would not be appropriate for a wedding reception. Sure, it’s my wedding, etc., but really, my choices would not sit well with a civilized group of people. I’m torn. Should I just scrap the idea of playing my favorites and put on classical music? Or should I just pick my favorites that are somewhat acceptable to the masses? It’s not in my nature to appeal to the masses…

Web Site

Some of you have seen the web site and participated in the interactive pages. I have been getting positive feedback so far. I wonder if anyone realizes that I totally stole the layout and graphics from someone else’s web site? As a reminder, I am not a web designer, I am a programmer. Therefore, I had no choice but to steal. Once we have selected a date for the wedding, I will update all of the location and date specific pages and announce the URL to everyone we know.