New Rails Project (with Ext JS)

April 9, 2007

I’ve been working on a new Ruby on Rails project for the past week. What I’m aiming for is a well organized, simple, easy to use code snippet library. There are plenty of community code snippet sites out there, but I found that I needed my own personal collection of code since I know what I’m likely to need. When I first started this project, I heard about Ext JS, which is a toolkit for Ajax and UI components. It’s basically a wrapper around Yahoo UI,, and prototype. I decided to learn more about Ext by using it with my Rails application. So far I’m quite impressed. The documentation is way lacking, but if you’re familiar with Javascript. Html, and some Ajax, then it’s not that difficult to figure out. In a matter of hours, I’ve managed to throw together the following rich interface – fully functional. The tree on the left supports in-place CRUD and drag/drop. (click screenshot to see more detail)