Fun with the Nokia n800

November 28, 2007

The more I use my Nokia n800 internet tablet, the more I like it. I recently upgraded the OS to Nokia’s latest release (which was developed for the follow up model, the n810). Today I discovered that I can use the n800’s bluetooth to connect to my cell phone and transfer files back and forth. I could also use my cell phone for internet connectivity, but I don’t have the network plan from AT�T. That’s too bad since Portland’s free wifi near downtown, which was all the rage, barely works. Anyway, I use the n800 for browsing the web, reading email, IM chatting, reading RSS feeds, music, video, and more. It’s great for when I’m laying in bed wondering what a “dreidel” is – I can just grab my n800 and look it up instantly without leaving the bed. The bad news is that I paid $400 for it and they are now on sale just about everywhere for $200+. Doh!