Wedding Web

December 31, 2007

Now that I’m engaged, the obvious next step is to build a web site for the wedding. So far, I’m looking at four choices.

  • has a free web site builder. The template looks really nice, but it doesn’t seem to be real flexible.
  • also has a free web site builder. It seems a little basic and inflexible.
  • I could create my own, with a subdomain like I would hate to reinvent the wheel, though. I could use WordPress or something to have a starter shell.
  • The fourth option is “none of the above,” which means I’d use something I haven’t discovered yet.

I wouldn’t expect to see anything for a couple of months. Suggestions are welcome. Note that you have to register and log in to add comments to my posts. I was getting some spam comments, so I had to lock it down.