Back Trouble

January 4, 2008

Like an old man, I have somehow injured my back. This is not just a little back pain – nope. I could barely move last night. I laid down on the floor and got into a position that was comfortable. When I was ready to get up, it wasn’t happening. It took me a good 30 minutes of screaming to finally stand up. Bren suggested that I go to the emergency room, which I was at first opposed to. Given that I couldn’t stand, sit, or lay without extreme pain, I gave in. We went to Urgent Care, where we waited for about 2 hours to be seen. I finally got some muscle relaxers and pain killers. I’m feeling much better now, albeit a little high. Rumor has it that the injury was a result of playing Dance Dance Revolution on the WII, but I deny it. I have no idea what caused my back to break.