April Fool’s Sucker

April 2, 2008

Well, I got fooled left and right yesterday! I guess I am naive…

My favorite embedded device developer, Marcin Juszkiewicz, claimed that he was moving from Poland to London for work. He said that with his new job, he could spend more time in the office and less time taking care of his child. Sounded reasonable to me. He was kidding.

I’m still not clear about this one, but seeing as it was tagged on delicious as “aprilfools”, I’m guessing it wasn’t real. Too bad, because I was hyped about it. Legend of Zelda Movie Trailer Debut

Probably the most unbelievable prank that I fell for was Virgle, the joint venture between Google and Virgin to send humans to Mars. Hey, you never know what Google is capable of…

And that’s everything I’m willing to fess up to. Until next year.