Real Interesting Stuff

June 28, 2008

It’s been a while since I’ve written anything here, but I can’t say that I have anything real interesting to write about…

It’s 98 degrees in Gresham right now.

My contracting job is almost up, and we banged out this web site in 6 weeks: There’s a good chance that I will stay and work full time for this company (Avenue A | Razorfish).

Bren is having her wedding dress altered today, or something like that. I’m staying inside the air-conditioned house.

We just finished watching “The Wire” seasons 1-4, and now we’re watching “Dexter“. The Wire was great, and so is Dexter so far.

I installed a plugin for Windows Media Center to watch Netflix Watch Now movies via the WMC interface. It’s nice.

The Astros are awful. They will be playing the BoSox again today. The Kansas City Royals are doing as well as the ‘Stros.