Batting Stance Guy

August 12, 2008

Being a web developer and active browser of the web for many years now, I see a lot of wasted web space (including this web site). I would venture to say that 90% of web sites out there are useless and/or uninteresting, or just a rehash of other web sites that are slightly more interesting.

And then there’s Batting Stance Guy, which is the best use of the web that I’ve seen lately. This guy posts videos of himself imitating the batting stances of MLB players. He is right on with all of them, and it’s sometimes hilarious. I’m also really impressed with design of his web site. It’s simple, eye pleasing, and user friendly.

Speaking of baseball, the Houston Astros are at .500 on the season as of yesterday! They still have almost no chance of making the playoffs, but at least the season isn’t a complete disaster.