Project – La Cocina

August 7, 2012

I’ve been working on a new Rails application for storing our recipes. It’s at a point where it is being hosted and used by us. Some of the style is borrowed (stolen) from Martha Stewart’s blog.

The big feature of La Cocina is it’s ability to pull in recipes from a number of other recipe sites.  I’m using the nokogiri gem to do screen scraping for recipe data.  There’s an admin interface for creating new screen scrapers (which I call “scarfers”), so it’s easy to add new recipe sites by entering DOM paths (CSS or XPath) and some other options.  With one click of a bookmarklet on a supported site (we have 5 configured so far), the recipe is in our database.

Other stuff in use: kaminari for pagination, paperclip for image attachments (including fetching from a URL, resizing, and generating thumbnails), acts-as-taggable-on for tagging, SASS for CSS, Twitter Bootstrap for some design and layout, MySql as the database, and miscellaneous jQuery for client-side things.

There are a few things left for me to do.  For one, I want to make it a true multi-user site so I can share it or create a demo account for showing it off.